About IR Yachts

IR Yachts is a fast-growing brand in the yachting scene of the United Arab Emirates. Founded in Dubai, we strive to deliver the highest quality products and world-class services to all our clients throughout our multiple luxurious business activities.  Driven by the passion for the sea and the love for yachting, the portfolio of IR Yachts consists of consultancy, charter, brokerage, and management.

Our entire team is ready to go above and beyond to provide our clients with the most exclusive and trustworthy services. Our clients will remain at the forefront of our business, a philosophy embedded in IR Yachts DNA.

Business Offerings

Business Meeting Set-ups

Marketing and Communications

Data Analysis and Market Research

Yachting, Marinas & Professionals

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Nautical Offerings

The Business of Yachting

Our focus at IR Yachts is to provide international shipyards, brokerage houses, and industry professionals the insight into the yachting market of the Gulf Region. The global challenges and international conflicts that the world has experienced in the past few years have been converted into opportunities in the region and contributed largely to the economy's growth. This philosophy has strengthened international trade and investor's interest in the region in addition to the safety and security factors which are the more so reason to engage in business here. 

Why are we saying this? The Middle East and the Gulf region is gearing to be the next Europe! The vision that each country has outlined points in that direction. All the activities of tourism, trade, real-estate and so on are at their all-time high.

Yachting is a combination of many of these business values. 

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