Bringing Yachts Back to Life

June 20th, 2023

Another win for IR Yachts within our UAE Yacht Management Work

Another win for IR Yachts team as we complete a yacht service work on a luxurious 85 feet motor yacht. Berthed at a private residence in the United Arab Emirates, the yacht's engines and generators were not receiving power to run. After the client contacting IR Yachts, we promptly gathered our expert team of professionals for a first diagnosis. The result was a rather simple job, but of course needed a team of dedicated technicians to understand and evaluate the problem. After replacing all 14 batteries, a full electrical wiring check and re-wiring, the yacht's generators and engines ran like a charm. 

The owner called IR Yachts to thank us for completing the job successfully and within a short time frame.

IR Yachts has over a decade of experience in yacht service and maintenance and a successful track-record of delivering world-class solutions.